Audio Visualizer code

Shows a frequency bar graph of the given audio files.

Blog Web API code

A web server API where you can add/read blog posts.

Chat code

A chat application that uses web sockets for the client/server communication.

Counterstrike UI code

Counterstrike UI Concept.

Drum Machine code

You can make different beats, and save them on the server. All the beats are public (from all the users), so you can check what others have come up with.

Forum code

A forum written with django.

History code

Year list to where you can add history events. Uses valve as an example.

Irc Bot code

An irc bot that can count the rate that some words are being written in the chat. Also able to save some messages that can be brought back given the appropriate command.

Livestreamer Ui code

A front-end program for livestreamer. You can save links of your favorite streams, and check when they're available.

Metronome code

A desktop metronome application, plays a beat at the set tempo. Also has a tuner, and a visualization of the beat.

Microblog code

A social media site where users can exchange short posts, images, etc.

Notes code store

A simple web based program for quick notes.

Notes App code store

Basic desktop notes application, you can add multiple notes and minimize the application to the system tray.

Paint code

Easy to use drawing program, with different brushes to draw sketches.

Poll code

A poll website written with django.

Screen Ruler code

Useful to measure stuff in your computer.

Steam Web API code

Uses the steam web api to show information about steam accounts and games/applications.

Timer code store

A timer with a count down, and count up watch.

Todo List store

A simple application to help you organize what you have to do.

Todo List Web Api code

A todo list program, where you can add/remove/etc posts through a web api.

Weather code

Search for a city to get some weather information on it. It shows the current weather information, and the forecast of the next 5 days. It keeps track of previous city name searches (so you can easily check it out again).